About Nestor
Nestor was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada as a small child. He has worked within the customer service industry for the past 10 years and has thrived within the real estate world. He is a family man with a drive for success and a passion in helping his clients find their dream home. He has been awarded in 2013 with the KW Edge Silver award, 2014 with the KW Edge Bronze award and in 2015 KW Edge Gold award. His success has driven him to create The Buendia Team and our team’s main goal is to ensure we provide great customer service, accuracy and precision in helping you transition to your next phase in life!


About Mary
When Mary started her journey in the Real Estate World she was very excited to take on the challenges that she may face within this industry, as she always have enjoyed being around people. Since the age of sixteen she has worked within the customer service industry, working within restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes. In her downtime, she was self-employed and had attended trade shows and events.  Mary has learned different strategies to better herself in business and become a successful sales representative. She is excited to be joining The Buendia Team as a Sales Representative. Her experience has taken her thus far and she believes that loving what you do makes a difference in your life and success.


  About Shar
Sharmaine is currently the operations and client care specialist for The Buendia Team. With recently graduating from college and receiving her diploma in Mohawk’s Marketing program – she is able to bring important business skills and knowledge when it comes to working with our clients. In addition, her skills and tactics definitely bring a different type of dynamic when working with the team. Her drive and charisma will shine through when interacting with her.